Your Will 1Being still means you’re not moved by anything that is trying to cause you to go into panic mode.  I will admit this is very hard to do.  I want to RUN when this happens, and usually, I want to run the opposite direction; BUT, I say, “BUT” because it’s in this horrible place where we make our greatest mistakes.  Having said this, I would encourage you never to make any decisions when you’re in the “holding place” and having to stay still.

Since I strongly believe in God has everything under His control, I would say remember God will NOT allow your foot to even stumble if you have committed your life to Him and allowing him to have HIS way in your life.  Whatever the outcome, it always works out for YOUR GOOD when you say, “God, You gave me this life, and I will give it back to You.  You do as You like with it. Whatever Your will, I surrender my will to You.”  No, this not easy, but I promise this will bring you freedom, joy, peace, and love.

Let go of the chains that hold you bound to fear, doubt, worry, and anything else that raises itself against you.

Be still and know HE is God.


Be blessed, My friends.

Teresa Allissa Citro

Founder & President, Thread of Hope, Inc.


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