The Morning Watch


“Now it came to pass

in the morning watch…”

Exodus 14:24

This morning, I just opened the Word of God, began reading Exodus 14. It struck me, verse 24. “Now it came to pass in the morning watch that the Lord looked down…” All night long, God had kept the Red Sea parted so that his people could walk through to the other side. However, the chariots were coming after them to take them captive again or whatever they had planned to harm them.

Imagine with me for a moment. They were on foot, the army had chariots pulled by horses. The Egyptians had their weapons but they didn’t. The Egyptians were the strongest of men, they had women, children, the elderly, in which some were being carried, along with the disabled. In other words, everything was against their speed to flee, and ability to fight back. They had no weapons, they had been slaves. I don’t know about you, but my closest friends, and actually I have made this statement about me before on other posts, please never deliver bad news to me in the evening because I have a hard time processing it at night. Somehow it feels overwhelming and gigantic to me at night. So I can understand how they felt when the Egyptian Army came against them at night! Frightened and angry towards Moses, they started to panic. It’s nighttime; they had children, women, elderly, livestock.  They were overwhelmed. How quickly they forgot the great miracles God had already done for them!

Then, the Red Sea Opens! Walls of water were to their right and left, and they were on dry ground. You understand that ground should have been mud. Anyone knows that dirt in water doesn’t dry out without the help of the sun. It was dark! We all took science in school, and if we missed that lesson, we have experienced a rainy day and had to walk on a unpaved ground. Yuck!

All night long, they were surrounded by walls of water, and an army to harm them behind, uncertain as to what was awaiting them on the other side. Then, “It came to pass in the morning watch that the Lord looked down!” Let me stop here for one moment. What was the morning watch exactly? I googled the definition this morning because those words were the words that jumped right out of God’s Word today in this entire chapter and story. The definition for, “Morning Watch,” is the watch between 4 and 8. Immediately, I remembered another, “Morning Watch,” when the disciples were on the Sea of Galilee, caught is a violent storm, at night again, and in the fourth hour of the night, Jesus comes walking on the water.

Do you see what I see? It is in the darkest hour of our lives, “God looks down, Jesus comes walking on the water! Deliverance in his hand. What storm are you in? It might be the darkest hour of the night, and you’re overwhelmed; the waves are about to drown you, and the wind is howling. It’s a very dark place; you don’t know what’s happening. I have exciting news for you today. If you are a child of God, the eyes of God have been on you, the hand of God is still there leading you, the voice of God stills speaks, “Storm be still!” We all know the end of both those stories. In both incidents, they crossed safely to the other side. The God of the universe and our lives has his eyes on us the whole time. This trial you’re going through, in the darkest hour, “It came to pass, in the morning watch,” your victory!  God shows up early! He’s never late. He doesn’t oversleep on his watch. Remember He never sleeps or slumbers. The dark comes to the end at the fourth hour, morning watch! Glory to God. Stay focused on the Lord no matter how dark it gets. God will never fail you; the dark is almost over, and the dawn is breaking forth.  Angels are singing a new song, a song of joy, a song of victory for your miracle!

Teresa Allissa Citro,
Founder and President, Thread of Hope, Inc.


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