Quick To Deliver

The word today is “Quick to deliver!”

Last Sunday, I was driving to church with my Mom and my children. I was driving on a long stretched-out road, and I was calling out a word describing God’s attributes for each letter of the alphabet.

Just as I said, “You are the God that comes QUICK to deliver!”  An SUV went through a stop sign, and then the driver turned her head, realized she pulled out in front of me, seeing me coming right at her.  She panicked, took her hands off the wheel putting them on her head, mouth opened, and stood there waiting for my car to smash right into her! We all knew I was going to literally hit her smack in the middle of her car, going 45 miles as that’s the speed limit. I slammed on my brakes, and our seatbelts locked us in. Somehow her car moved out of my way literally in a split second!  I mean both her hands still on her head and off the wheel, her car moved out of my way!  Of course, now I’m just stopped in the middle of this major road, and I couldn’t believe what just happened. I would lie if I didn’t tell you, that woman should not be driving.  It was so stupid and extremely dangerous what she did. Who could blame me for believing she shouldn’t be driving?  Reckless driving kills people!  After all, she went through a stop sign through a major road without looking, then stops there, holding her head, without moving.

However, I was too busy having our own private praise and worship to our God in our car for his, “Quick to deliver” maneuver as His hand pushed that car out of my way so I wouldn’t smash into her.

In our car, I asked the kids if they were ok as they were screaming when they saw the car come out of nowhere in front of us.  They were shaken, and there was a slight bruise on Ellianna’s shoulder from the seatbelt locking her in tightly.  They saw up close and personal the deliverance of their God.

Just then God said to me, “I am that quick to deliver you. You are mine, and I take care of what belongs to me!”  I have been thinking all week on those powerful words God gave me. I knew that was engineered by God to teach me a wonderful truth. He’s with me, always, as it says in this verse. He hears us. He heard me speak out, by each letter of the alphabet, who I believe He is. When I said, “You, God, are QUICK to deliver.  He showed me His power quickly in a split second. He gave me a one-on-one lesson on how truly “Quick to deliver” He is.

I stumbled on this verse today, “Look, the Lord’s hand is not too weak to deliver you; his ear is not too deaf to hear you.”  Isaiah knew the God’s ear was not deaf.  He heard Him, and He hears us now!  In my worship, I was telling God what He already knew. He is the God that hears.  He knows He can and does hear us when we call for help. The question is do you and I know this? His hand delivers, protects, and leads. When we call on His holy, mighty, and great name He delivers us, and He delivers us from all our troubles.  His hand is mighty to save.  His hand wasn’t short to push that car out of my way, even when she stopped and hands on her head.  God heard me say, “You are quick to rescue!”  He proved Himself very real to me in that split second.

What is it, My Friend, you need today? What prayer of deliverance are you praying for? His hand isn’t too short to do it.  He isn’t deaf.  He hears your cry.  He is able to deliver you.  He will do it.  Why don’t you take this challenge of going through the alphabet and ascribe glory to our God for each letter? This is a daily practice of mine, and I have taught it to my children. I want to share with you too as it is powerful and able to break down negative thoughts and ideas when we call out who God is for every letter.  Now I have a list of many words from each letter of the alphabet of who God is.  I call them out to Him. He proves me right all the time.  I’m sure it will be same for you!

Look to the God of the universe who is, “Quick to deliver,” YOU today!

Teresa Allissa Citro
Founder and President, Thread of Hope, Inc.


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