What So Many Go Through

I woke early this morning, and I was meditating on God and the struggles so many people seem to go through.  All of a sudden, God gave me a vision, a picture so vivid…. about 5 seconds.

I saw a woman, and that woman was me. I was in a corner, sitting on the floor, feeling scared of what I saw before me. I looked like a giant sitting in this corner. I saw a bigger giant in front of me, huge, overpowering me. He was moving towards me, hands waving, hateful face, yelling at me, ready to attack me. I had nowhere to go. I was afraid. I was trying to figure out how to escape this monster before me, as I was cornered by him. Then I looked at this monster coming at me and saw that this giant was just an illusion. It startled me. That monster trying to scare me wasn’t a real being. It was a fake piece of huge nylon like material, with a stick holding it up, and behind this thing was Satan wavering it in front of me. Satan looked the size of this picture. Small, puny, and a nobody to fear. No, I didn’t see a pitchfork or horns. Just an itty bitty little thing, all dressed in red. I heard a voice say, “Is this whom you are afraid of? Get up.  Stand strong.  I have equipped you.  Put on your armor. I’m with you. Go Forth, and step on its ugly head.” Yes, it was the voice of God in my mind speaking to me, heart pounding. but in perfect peace at same time.

I came on Facebook just to get my mind off of what I just saw and here is a memory that popped up. It startled me again as I just saw this in my vision. I know now what I saw and the message is of God. Pretty weird a picture of almost what I saw would just pop up two seconds later.

You see how small this picture is?


God showed me how small Satan is in the vision he just showed me seconds before I came on Facebook, confirming to me what He just showed me, and reminding me, I have nothing to fear, and neither do you!

I believe my vision is for all of us today. When you are a child of God, and no, not everyone is. Let’s not forget we can reject our Creator and have nothing to do with Him or His laws. We can pretend to be His, by going to church, but living our way.

How many children reject their parents and go against everything they were taught. Even embarrassing the parents by their bent high attitudes to destroy themselves and cause great pain on their families?  Same goes for us in a Heavenly Father relationship. We can walk away, reject his teachings, reject what he has done for us, and live lives filled with sin in addition to living in misery, anguish, and pain with no hope and no future as long as we stay in a position that separates us from God; and worse if something happens and we die in this condition, it means eternity without God. However, there is hope and a great future for His true children. You can repent, getting right with God, and living a life of victory.

Those who are called by Him, who live lives of godliness, holiness, and obedience, His hand of protection is on them day and night. Every season of life, the trials brought to us are handcrafted, engineered, and tailored just for us- custom made, fit for perfection, to test our faith and trust, all we believe in. Trials come against his people are molding and shaping us to be more like Him. We are victorious and overcome trials with grace, dignity, and favor given by God Himself and declared the winner by God!

The trials before us look big and scary, but they’re not. They’re weapons raged against us by that itty bitty little nobody dressed in red representing the serpent. Satan, the father of lies, distortion, and hate. He tries hard to make us think he’s big, powerful, and strong. He’s not! For those who serve God, he’s a defeated foe. Our God is powerful, and our God is mighty to save and rescue us. The weapons formed against us will return to the sender. They will never fatally wound us.

God is saying to those with anxious thoughts and fears, “Fear not, be not dismayed the Lord God is with you, and for you. He’s mighty to save you!” The giants threatened to destroy you are mere illusions led by Satan who is behind them. You and I have been given authority to step on the ugly head of the serpent and be conquerors through our Lord.

This morning get up, My Child. Amor up! Be bold in faith. Be bold in authority. Be bold in your trust in the God who rules the entire universe, and all those whom He gave life and breath!”

Victory is yours today, My Friends!

Teresa Allissa Citro

Founder & President, Thread of Hope, Inc.


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