Planting & Harvesting



What does it take a farmer to plant seeds? I learned as I grew up on a farm from my dad what all is involved with planting crops. Planting seeds takes a lot of prep work. First, he had to plan what he was going to grow for crops. Once Dad bought what was needed, he had to prepare the land and that required getting dirty. Preparing the land meant spending endless hours on the tractor, going back and forth, up and down, tilling the hard ground until it was soft enough to put the seeds in. The dust that the tractor stirred up would cover Dad from head to toe. I spent many hours riding with my dad, watching every moment what the tiller was doing to the ground. The smell of freshly turned dirt is still one of my most favorite smells.

Okay, so the ground was ready for planting. Dad had to prepare the planting mechanism on the tractor for the seeds to go in. Along with the seeds, there was fertilizer. All the dust would be flying up everywhere when he would pour the seeds and fertilizer in the bins. Dad would drive the tractor out to the fields and the much more countless hours were spent going carefully up and down and back and forth, dropping seeds in their respective places. The dust from the tractor once again would lay its covering from head to toe. Throughout the season, Dad would go out into the fields to inspect the crops, making sure there were no insects eating the crops and spraying insecticides/pesticides as needed to keep the crops healthy. Making sure the seeds got the water they needed to grow big and healthy took a huge sprinkler system circling around, spewing out the water for a long way. The power needed to send the water out further was immense.

When the crops were ready for harvest, it was time to pull out the combine as the tractor was too small to reap what was there. To watch the combine gather the harvest was a complex thing. The first thing was to rip up the plants only to separate the harvest from the chaff. The harvest was then put in a truck that ran along side of it. After the harvest was complete, it was then taken to market to be sold. The much needed and deserved rest from all the hard work couldn’t come any faster. We would celebrate another year of a great harvest.

Now, with all that said, how are we to apply this lesson of planting seeds in society? We are to prep the land by getting into and dwelling in His Word. He will enrich us in His Wisdom that way. We are to step back to check ourselves to see if we are in His Will. Are you living the way He has taught us to, both in public and private? Have we washed off the dirt from ourselves? We must be clean before the Lord before trying to teach others about God. Once we get ourselves right before God, we can then go out and tell others The Good News about Jesus.

When one accepts Jesus as Lord and Savior, do we just say “Okay, you’re on your own now?” No, no, no…we must help the new believer in their walk with the Lord. We are to be like the fertilizer, helping them to grow strong and healthy. We are also to be like the insecticides/pesticides, showing them the changes that are needed to be made…however, we must be tactful and not belittling when it comes to showing them when they get off track. Sometimes, it takes a hard lesson from God to learn how pride and ego blind us. It blinds and deafens us to God’s Word and from the Godly people who desperately are trying to help.

Finally, the harvest!! As Christians, we are to forever help our brothers and sisters in Christ, we can rejoice in the fact when the new (or well seasoned) believer “gets it,” finally understanding God is an awesome God and only through Him can we find an abundance of peace, joy, love, and hope. We can rejoice in the fact the believer truly knows God is there always and forever. We can also rejoice that we can see more clearly when we get off track, out of His Will, and with His help, grace, and mercy get right with Him and back to living solely for Him. The best part about planting seeds is we get to do it over and over again, watching and waiting for the harvest to be ready.

Ruth Strait
Vice President,  Thread of Hope, Inc


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