My Strength & My Song


Ever get to the point in your life where nothing seems possible anymore?  Perhaps you feel backed into a corner, or your circumstances just seem completely hopeless?  Think of the story of Moses… He was supposed to be killed as a baby, got rescued by Egyptians, lived in the palace, murdered an Egyptian, stepped up for his people, told the Pharoah to let his people go, and while he was leaving Egypt, the Pharoah chased him down to the sea shore.

Moses was at the Red Sea and all seemed lost until he put his staff in the sea and the waters parted, and not only that, the enemy was destroyed!  That is what God will do for you, Dear Friends.  When all seems lost and hopeless, God is there.  You do your part, put faith in Him, be obedient to Him, and God will show up in a HUGE way!

Ruth Strait
Vice President, Thread of Hope, Inc.


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