The Victorious Ending


I woke up thinking about Mary. I wondered what it was like for her to be in labor and nowhere for her to give birth.

This was her first child; she didn’t know what to expect. No doctor, nurse, or midwife, not even her mother. No bed for her to lie in.  No sterile clothes to wrap her baby in, no medicine… Nothing.  To be in a stable with only animals, what woman wouldn’t be scared?  What if those animals carried diseases?  Her precious child would be exposed. Talk about confusion.

She was overshadowed by the Spirit of God, a miraculous conception, the Savior, a child God called his son. How could it be he would be born in a stable? Jesus came as a lamb. The Lamb of God.  Immediately I felt there has to be a stable because there was to be a cross in the future.  It made sense to me then.  Now it has much deeper meaning to me as I write this.  The Son of God came down, born of a virgin, taking a form of a human, and ultimately becoming the Sacrificial Lamb. The meaning of the stable all of a sudden became crystal clear to me. We are not God’s, but we’re children of the Most High God. I don’t know where you find yourself in at this moment, but I’m here to remind you the stable was necessary, and that cross was required to bring us victory.

My friends, your life has a purpose; it has a meaning.  You have a destiny.  Wherever you find yourself in tonight- a Stable, a Palace, or a shelter- God has your life in the grip of his hands. His hand was on His maiden, Mary, and His hand is on you, too. Take this moment and meditate on the fact God has every single step mapped and predestined for you. There is an ending. There is an expected time for the vision to come to pass. Excruciating pain will always end in victory for His people. The stable was necessary because the cross was the ultimate victory.

Hang in there; don’t you dare give up.  God has a purpose for your current situation you find yourself in.  The ending God has planned is victorious indeed!


Teresa Allissa Citro

Founder & President, Thread of Hope, Inc.


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