From The Founder/President’s Desk


I want to share this miraculous testimony.

“Make me understand your ways, O LORD!

Teach me your paths!”

Psalms 25.4

In the last few years, God has been teaching me how to really listen, understand, and walk in His paths, not mine. Hard to do at times as I don’t always want to do what He asks me to do.

Ruth and I have been working on a very important project at Thread of Hope. I said to God, “I really don’t know how to make this happen, God?” The next day, I felt God tell me to go meet with the VP of a bank. I told God, “I don’t know this bank, they will think I am crazy God.” I called Ruth, and I told her what God just told me. I asked for her to please pray!

I went to the bank and spoke to the VP. I told him, “I must sound crazy to you, but I feel God wanted me to talk to you about this project, do you think I’m crazy?” He laughed, and told me, “No, I don’t think you’re crazy, but this has never been done before. I don’t know how to make this happen.” I asked him if he would try? He told me, “Yes, I will try for you, because I feel in my heart to help you.” I thanked him and left his office.

Three weeks went by just wasn’t coming together as fast as I needed it to be. I woke up, at the hotel here in Florida, called Ruth and told her, “Ruth, while I was praying just now, God gave me a vision, and I saw our project, and what we asked of the bank come to pass.” I mean, Ruth, I saw the whole thing before my eyes. God is going to do this, I know He is.” Well, by the end of that day, we learned maybe it might not happen as the deadline for the project was that very day. We waited with bated breath, and at the end of the day, it had NOT happened. I began to question God about what He told me to do and what He showed me that very morning. I called Ruth, and I told her, “Forget it, I must have missed understood what God showed me. Let’s forget about this, and let’s go to our second plan.”

As she began to implement our second plan, I was so disappointed. I went to my hotel room and went to bed. Then, God spoke to me so loud, “Did I not give you a command to go to that bank? Didn’t I lead you there? Did I not show you this morning I am going to give you this project by this bank? You are out of line. Stop what you are doing now. I am not in your second plan. You are panicking and trying to do this your way. Call Ruth, and ask her to stop what you asked her to do now.”

Well, you know it, God told me I was out of line, and He wasn’t in it. I jumped out of bed, night shirt and all, left my hotel room, and I knocked on her door, as she was on the phone implementing my second plan. I asked her to hang up now, “God said no to this second plan, Ruth, hang up the phone please.” Talk about neurotic behavior. Poor Ruth. I explained what God just showed me, and I told her we had to wait.

Well, the next day, at the end of the day, 15 minutes before the bank closed, on Friday, we received the phone call from the bank telling us we got what I had asked and for more than I requested. The VP called me and told me he couldn’t believe we got what I asked for and thanked me for helping him connect to the very top President. He told me he learned a lot from this request of mine, and he could never be the same again. Imagine that! Instead of me thanking him, he is thanking me because he witnessed a miracle.

God leads our steps, My Friends. However, there is something we must do. We need to understand His ways. He’s not asking us to understand the ways of our families or friends. He’s asking us to understand HIS ways. His ways are higher than our ways. We must ask Him to show us His ways. We have to go where He leads us to go, and we must do what He asks us to do regardless of what others might think. We must believe what He asked of us. We must believe that when we truly choose to follow Him no matter what He will begin to show us things that don’t make sense in the natural but make a lot of sense in the supernatural. When what He said doesn’t happen according to our timeline, we must wait for His perfect timing. We must remain steadfast on what He has told us. We cannot panic and do things our way. We must listen for His small still voice, and no matter what He tells us we must follow it.I almost made a huge mistake by taking matters into my own hands and missed out on one of the greatest opportunities to watch a miracle take place and build an incredible relationship with these people at this bank. I am no longer a customer to them, they know me by name now and I know God gave me

I almost made a huge mistake by taking matters into my own hands and almost missed out on one of the greatest opportunities to watch a miracle take place and build an incredible relationship with these people at this bank. I am no longer a customer to them. They know me by name now, and I know God gave me favor, and there is a bigger plan at stake here I haven’t even thought or dreamed about. This testimony is a testimony of the goodness of my God. He wants us to understand His ways, and He wants to lead our paths. I don’t know about you, but for me, I want to understand only His ways, and I want Him to lead my paths to where He wants me to go and what He wants me to do. What an amazing day for real. God is so good and so gracious, and so awesome!

God has a timetable and it is always different than ours. This moment was a defining moment for me as I was led to a bank, with a project idea, and I almost missed it because of my timetable. Imagine if God didn’t stop me? I would have missed out big time. Wait on God and make every moment a defining one.


Teresa Allissa Citro

Founder & President, Thread of Hope, Inc.


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