Exciting News From Thread of Hope, Inc.

Exciting News!

I’m so very proud to share


is now available in 100 languages!

And so is our daily Blog!


As the Founder and President, I’m proud of my awesome staff! They work tirelessly along the side of me to achieve the impossible on behalf of those who are hopeless. Our prayer is to help those who find themselves in hopeless situations know God holds them in the palm of His mighty hand.  God helps people find hope again no matter what they have gone through.  His hand leads those who are brokenhearted.  In fact, He is very close to them.

We have been working very hard for the last month to translate our material into as many languages as possible.

Today, we release 100 languages.

While there is still some bugs to fix with a couple of languages, we are celebrating what God helped us to achieve.

Many thanks to my Vice-President, Ruth Strait, and our amazing Executive Director, Linda Knowles.

Please visit our site, and sign up for our blog at


Feel free to share with people around the world as now they can read in their native languages.

If you are looking for an organization to volunteer a few hours a month, please consider TOH.  Send me a message.  We would love to have you on staff.  Look for many more projects as we unveil them in the next few months!


languages-3Teresa Allissa Citro

Founder & President

Thread of Hope, Inc.


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