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While I was walking down River Street, Savannah today, I was praying and asking God a question. Actually, I found myself having an attitude.

Yes, I know all about not getting upset with God. God already knows our hearts, thoughts, and actions before we even do. So, I told him, God I already know I’m wrong, and I’m sorry but I just don’t like You putting me on this road. What are you doing? It feels very scary to me.  I don’t like being here, and I’m confessing I’m mad.  Don’t make me look like an idiot, please. As if God didn’t already know what was in my heart!

Obviously, the road I was talking about wasn’t River Street. Let me tell you, God spoke to me immediately. His response was quick, to the point, and with a warning. Clear as day he told me, “I put you on this road.  I’m leading you.  Keep walking in it, and do not go your own way. Trust Me even if it feels scary to you.  I have already shown you My will. Obey me. I did not say it would make sense to you. I told you to walk in it. And by the way, you have no right being angry.  You are the one in the wrong.  Keep on this path, and do not divert from it.  Do not miss your blessing by allowing yourself to be deceived by your anger.  Do not miss my perfect will for your life because of your attitude.  If you go your own way I promise it will bring you misery. Stop complaining, and trust that my way is better than your way.”

I got in the car, and about three hours later, I got a text from a friend I hadn’t heard in a while. Justin read the text as I was driving. I called my friend back, and he asked me how I was doing.  I told him I was disappointed in something and was feeling frustrated by it.  He listened and then said, “I know you didn’t ask for my opinion, but I’m going to offer it to you anyway. You have got to trust the process! God knows what He’s doing.”  He didn’t know what my problem was nor what God already told me.  In fact, I never told him what the problem was or what God told me.  I was about to cry when he said what he said because I knew God had him text me to drive home what God told me three hours earlier.

I’m sharing with you because I’m not alone in feeling disappointed or angry that things don’t always go our way.  But it’s here we make the biggest mistakes. God says, “Be angry but don’t sin in your anger.” How exactly do we sin? We sin when we decide to play God in our own lives and go against His perfect will.  We get into trouble when we allow the emotions to take over common sense and our faith walk in what God said He would do.  Remember Jonah?  We all know how he got swallowed by a large fish. He knew the will of God. Yet, he decided to go against it and go the opposite direction of where God told him to go. We are not any different.  Jonah got angry, and in anger, he sinned. I can’t imagine how terrified he was in the fish’s belly.  Eventually, he repented and God forgave him. God made that fish spit him out exactly at the city God wanted him to go to in the first place.  Had he listened he wouldn’t have found himself in the belly of a fish in the middle of an ocean.  We can find ourselves in the middle of an ocean if we are not careful, too.

Let me wrap it up and say courageous faith doesn’t complain, doesn’t get angry during the “trust process.”  It simply has faith the God of the universe is able to keep him whose hope and trust is in His God.

Whatever your struggles, disappointments, or trials, trust the process. God loves courageous faith.  Don’t be Jonah.  What a huge contrast to Abraham a man that lived by faith.  Abraham Is a great role model of courageous faith.

God wants to increase our faith and the only way He can is to put us through tests. Trusting the process means no matter how painful the trial is, our faith in God isn’t shaken and we don’t become angry in the test process. We trust a living God who will see us through the trials victoriously.

Breakthroughs happen when we let go and let God do what He does best -lead our lives His way.

Teresa Allissa Citro
Founder & President, Thread of Hope, Inc.


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