You Who Hope In The Lord

COURAGE 2.jpg“So be strong and courageous, all you who put your hope in the LORD!”  –Psalm 31:24

It’s very difficult to be strong, never mind courageous when you feel scared and find yourself in the middle of a crisis. I’m reminded of Peter’s famous walk on the water in the middle of a major storm. The Sea of Galilee is very well known for its ferocious storms which suddenly occur out of nowhere. When Jesus called Peter to come to Him, those waves weren’t like the waves you and I see as they come on shore at the beach. These were huge waves. It was a storm, and they thought the waves would take down their boat, and they would drown. They had every right to be scared to death.
This was the situation the disciples found themselves in, panicked and scared they would all die. Then Jesus shows up just in time. Ever wonder why Peter would say, “If it’s you, Lord, then call me to come on the water?” I mean why didn’t he just say, “Jesus please make this storm stop!” Why get out of the boat, and endanger his life?

I can’t prove it, but I believe Peter knew in Whom he trusted. He had courageous faith. At least, we can say he demonstrated courage. He knew Who Jesus was. He had seen the miracles He performed, and if it was Jesus, Peter knew Jesus would supernaturally make him walk on not just on water but on top of the crushing waves. Wow, to have that kind of faith, trust, and confidence; but we don’t have to wonder about it. We, too, can have it. We know Who Jesus is and what he can do.

At times we are like them. Cruising through life trying to get to our destination. All is going well. It feels great, everything is going our way. Suddenly, we are faced with a storm, a crisis hits. It knocks us off our feet, and we feel like we are going to drown. It’s at this place, if we’re not careful, we will not see Jesus coming to our rescue.

peace-1It’s here we call out and it’s here we showcase our hope in an unfailing Lord. If our hope and trust are in him then there is no fear. Courageous and strong go hand in hand. I find it interesting that Peter full of courage stepped out of the boat in the middle of a huge storm, walked on water, and then looks at the waves, trying to take him down, and becomes fearful. It was there, at that point of fear, he stopped walking and began to drown. It was the result of fear of the howling wind that brought him down and almost drowned.

Please don’t miss this. He saw the wind, and he got scared. Notice the wind did not bring him down. He saw it and got frightened. How many times do we get frightened by what we see?

COURAGE 1.jpgMy Friends, do you understand? Those who hope and trust in their God need not fear. They are strong, very strong, and they take courage that the God of the universe, creator of everything that has breath and life will take care of them no matter how huge the storm is.

Courageous faith stands against the wind, waves, fire, and any other kind of storms because the soul knows very well in whom they trust. Let the ocean roar. Let the earth be shaken. The faith of the children of the Living God has no fear in the face of any storm no matter if it threatens to bring them down. Unshaken faith is what this is all about. It doesn’t mean you don’t see it. It means your eyes are focused, so fixed on Him who holds your future that what you see and what you know to be true in the spiritual are two very different things.

Stand strong and courageous!  Jesus is there to take your hand and lift you out of your darkest storm! He’s the Lamb of God and the Lion of the Tribe of Judah! He has a great plan, with a hope and a future for YOU!

Teresa Allissa Citro,
Founder and President, Thread of Hope, Inc

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