Our Will Vs. God’s Will


Our will and God’s will are two very different wills.

God’s will always cost you something. That something is your own will. Doing things your way goes against His will. His will may not make sense to you or those around you, but to be in His perfect will means you obey what the Spirit is showing you to do. It’s okay if those around you will mock you, make fun of you, or even shun you.  Better for a person to be obedient to God than man. I have never seen the righteous abandoned or forsaken by the All-Knowing, All-Seeing God. Remember the only One who sees and knows the heart of any person is the One who created that person.

I encourage you this day to trust God who has a perfect, wonderful, and amazing plan for your life. It doesn’t matter what you have gone through because you’re still alive, breathing, and living in the land of the living. There’s an excitement in my heart I can’t contain because I know who God is and His power to heal, restore, and bless.

My prayer for all those reading this is you will ask God for yourself what His plan is for YOU, and then be brave to step up, and do what he shows you no matter who likes you or who believes you. God honors the lives of those who trust Him no matter their circumstances. What we think, feel, or believe is not always true. The Spirit of God will always reveal what is true, what you feel, or what you think. He’s faithful to the faithful. Trust him no matter what you are faced with today. I do not know a failing God. I know a God who is triumphant in all circumstances and in all things and never ever fails those who put their trust in their God.

There are those who trust in their careers, families, money, and other things. But those things and people might fail you. God never, never fails you. Bad things happen to the just and the unjust, but God delivers the righteous from ALL their troubles. Can you say with me:  “Thank you, God.  Because my life is yours, do whatever you like with it. I’m still going to trust and obey.”

Teresa Allissa Citro,
Founder & President, Thread of Hope, Inc.


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