Choose Wisely


Choosing destructive paths only hurts you in the end.

It’s sad to watch people make choices without thinking, and worse asking God, “Is this choice I’m making one that will not come back to hurt, embarrass, and bring me shame?”

Remember, perhaps, all things are permissible, but do they bring you and God honor?

People lose so many things they desire even God-destined will for their lives because they are foolish.

It’s a choice, Folks.

Which road will you take today? Honorable, or dishonorable?

One which brings you blessings or curses?

As for me, “I have hidden your word in my heart so that I will not sin against you!”

People, be more.

God didn’t make foolish people.

Choices made by us reveal the true us.

Choose wisely.

Those who choose wisely are triumphant in all they do.


Teresa Allissa Citro,

Founder & President

Thread of Hope, Inc.



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