All Will Go Well


I am excited tonight!

I am excited because God showed me a truth about who He is!

He says, “Tell the righteous all will go well!”

What a promise!

Sometimes, it doesn’t look good when we look with our physical eyes, BUT God sees a different picture!

I am challenging you to look with the eyes of faith!  You can never ever lose with God. Let’s look at the word, “righteous.”  It means the upright, honorable, honest, respectable -the just, the moral, and the blameless; and my all-time favorite word, “virtuous!”  These words really end up meaning “the noble!”

When you do what God tells you to do and walk in His ways and not your own, He says, “It will go well with you!”  Stand on this promise today.


Teresa Allissa Citro

Founder & President, Thread of Hope, Inc.


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