He is able to deliver the children of God

out of all their troubles.

Are you in need of healing?  If so, then I encourage you to look to Jesus and put your faith in Him for your healing.  Trust Him for healing is found in Him.  Stand firm in your faith, and keep seeking God for He hears your prayers and He made provision for your healing through Jesus.



Teresa Allissa Citro

Founder & President, Thread of Hope, Inc.

I’m giving God all the glory tonight because once again He has proven to me His great power and might, and I write this testimony because I know how awesome in power our God is. You and I are nothing. He doesn’t owe us anything, but He loves us; He helps us in times of need.

You have been praying for Justin these last two months. It has been difficult for me to see Justin suffer. My son lost 14 pounds in 2 months. He became anemic and lacked serious vitamin D too. I watched my son eat and move food from one side of his mouth to the other, as I silently prayed, “Please God let him swallow it,” and then pray, “God, please let him keep it in.” I sent countless messages to my closest friends asking prayer for Justin so he would be able to keep his food in. Every time, Justin wasn’t able to keep his food in, I would climb those steps to his bathroom and would speak out, “God, I trust you. I don’t care what I am seeing in front of me. I know you have healed Justin!” I would look at Justin’s sad and panic-stricken face, and I said, “Justin, Son, it is well with you because God has healed you. It’s going to be okay.” I would walk away almost ready to faint myself and fight back every single tear rising up. I reminded myself each time WHO I said God was, and WHO He was in my life.

Finally, Wednesday, I received a call from the doctor to let me know Justin needed an MRI immediately. She was very firm and even told me she was calling me from her vacation. I told her, “Please, I am dying here. Please, please, get him in as soon as possible.” She told me, “Okay, go to the hospital tomorrow.” I was at work when she called me. I couldn’t help myself. I don’t like to embarrass myself, but I couldn’t hold the tears in any longer. I said to the people at work I was leaving, and no matter what I was not going to believe what I had been told. I called all my friends, and we started praying. God brought to my mind, the blood work came back normal, not just once, but 3 times now, the blood work God told me to pray over that I wrote about a few weeks ago. The next day, we went for the MRI. As I was sitting there, I felt God tell me to go in the room with Justin and pray over every single x-ray they were going to take. I told the guy I would like to go with Justin. Of course, he tried talking me out of it as it’s radiation. I told him, “Please, I do not want you to think I am weird, but I must be in this room because I have to pray while the x-rays are taken.” He looked at me, smiled, and said, “I understand. Please take out anything you have on that is metal, and please don’t get close to the machine. We will give you a chair, and they even gave me a blanket to wrap around me. For each x-ray, and they took over ONE THOUSAND of them. I prayed for them. I thanked God the x-ray would be perfect. For over 45 minutes, they took the x-rays and I prayed. In the middle of it, as I had my eyes closed, I saw the x-rays. They were standing on a wall. They were pure white! I got spooked, sort of spoke, and opened my eyes. It was so quick, like one second. I knew God had shown me the x-rays, and God was showing me Justin was fine. I told Justin after they were done, in fact, they were now in the room removing the IV, etc. They heard me say, “Justin, don’t be frightened, My Son, God showed me your x-rays. They are fine. They will find nothing wrong. It has not spread. You are more than fine!”

Next day, on Good Friday, we received the call from the doctor’s nurse, who called in a prescription for his inflammation, and told us doctor would talk to us on Tuesday. Today, we went to the doctor. We have known since the colonoscopy Justin had colitis, but we didn’t know how far it had spread. The first thing the doctor told us was, “Justin, the MRI x-ray came out perfect!” God had told me to specifically pray that each X-ray would come out perfect. He told me to call out in my prayer, “This x-ray will show itself to be perfect in every way!” That is what happened, every single x-ray (all ONE THOUSAND plus x-ray) I prayed for. The doctor said, “Each x-ray was absolutely perfect!” She explained it was a mild/moderate form that will be easily maintained with medicine, not needing any kind of strong medicine, and that it is only contained to the colon, she believed it would go into remission! Can you say with me, “Thank You, God!” Furthermore, originally they gave him all sorts of restrictions for his diet. Today, he was told he can eat whatever he wants, in moderation, and he can go exercise. He cannot run with me for a while. For goodness sake, I don’t need him losing weight. We are now on a mission to GAIN weight. Nanna, bring on the fattening foods. PASTA, PASTA, and more PASTA.

I have lived a nightmare. For those who have had sick children you understand. However, tonight it is NOT about my nightmare. It is all about the faithfulness of God. It is about our faith and trust in a true and living God. It is about understanding our authority as children of the All Powerful God, a God Who Hears, a God Who Sees, and a God Who Answers upon our call to him. I want to encourage you tonight: God is NOT a God who plays favorites. He comes to the rescue of all those whose hearts are right before Him, and He comes with might, power, wonder, with deliverance and healing. He can do what He did for Justin and even more. Your impossible situation is possible because we serve a God of the impossible! Thank you for praying, and keep praying Justin gains all his weight back. To all those of you who have not left my side with your encouraging words, prayers of faith, messages, calls, thanks for being a strong tower for me to lean on and for reminding me I serve a God who will not leave me nor forsake me.

Posted By Linda A. Knowles

Executive Director, Thread of Hope, Inc.



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