Patience Is Learned


I always heard, “Do not pray for patience!” I once asked someone why? The answer was obviously because you’re not going to like going through the process.

Two years ago, I decided that I should write a book on the subject. I thought not praying about patience and writing about would be so much better. I’ll “get” patience by studying and writing about it. I thought that was a good idea. Not so, I ended up with the same fate.

Well, the truth is I found out a few important facts. The major point is patience is mastered by faith. Yes, you read that correct. Faith waits and waits, and believes, “He who promised is faithful,” no matter what you think, feel, and see.

Next, you learn to endure. The process of building up endurance is excruciating, but it can be done. You endure under all the uncertainties, hurts, and pain. You believe until that which is not seen becomes reality.

“Blessed is the one who endures during trials.”

Storms of life have a way of building patience, endurance, faith, and great strength. At the end, great faith goes hand in hand with great patience. Patience cannot be mastered without the trials, and great strength doesn’t just happen. Patience, faith, endurance, and strength is obtained by great testing and great trials. But in the end, you will receive the blessings of God.

Don’t give up.

Teresa Allissa Citro,
Founder & President, Thread of Hope, Inc.


One thought on “Patience Is Learned

  1. Wow this is so true when you said Storms of life have a way of building patience, endurance, faith, and great strength. I’m going thru the biggest storm of my life right now it’s been months and the storm is not letting up but for some reason it’s like each week I’m getting stronger with my faith but in the beginning i was having panic attacks and lack of sleep this is a learning experiment that i will never forget . God is good Amen


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