We Don’t Know When So Continue To Do The Work of The Father


We’ve all read it in the Bible, and we’ve heard it preached: Jesus is coming back! But we don’t know when He is coming back. Are you ready? What do you need to do to get ready? Have you accepted Jesus into your heart? What will happen to you when He does come back and you have not accepted Him? Is your name written in The Book of Life? Matthew 24:36 states that no one knows when Jesus will return, not the angels, not Jesus, only God knows, literally.

It is also written that many will say they are the Messiah returned, that they are the Christ. Do not be fooled as they will try and trick you with their miracles. Even the very elect can be fooled.
We are to be so in tuned to God so we won’t be deceived.  How do we do that? It’s a matter of living, breathing,  dwelling and being totally focused on God, not just knowing His Word, but being completely engulfed in Him in every conceivable way.

We cannot be like those of Sodom and Gomorrah,  drunk, lost in idolatry and perverse things. For when we are involved with such, we won’t know what hit us when He does come back. And when we finally realized what has happened, it will be too late. Be on guard, be prepared, always watching,  dwelling in His Truth and spreading the Gospel to all who will listen.

Ruth Strait
Vice President,
Thread of Hope, Inc

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