I can’t even express how proud I am to make this announcement.

I’m launching a new jewelry line







All proceeds to benefit rescued women and children.

Last year, I was driving to Melbourne Beach, when I felt God tell me to get off the highway and go to Bank of America. There He showed me a man, who worked there and told me to go speak to him. I didn’t know why. To get the conversation started I told him I was adding the VP name to the account. He asked the name of the account, and when I told him, he said, “So you are the reason I am working at this branch. God told me there was going to be someone coming, and I needed to help them. You are that person.”

He asked how he could be of help at Thread of Hope.

Fast forward to February 2017, I was in Savannah, walking down the street. As I was walking I felt God tell me to go into the jewelry store I was walking by and talk to the man inside and ask if he would be willing to make a piece of jewelry for Thread of Hope. I went in, and he turned out to be the owner of the jewelry store and a designer who made the jewelry himself. He told me he would love to help, but he didn’t have the time. I started to leave, but he called me back. He told me, “I have an idea. Why don’t you call this company,” as he gave me the name, “and give them your logo?”

I immediately got the vision of what the piece of jewelry would be and the design.

I don’t think I heard anything else the man said. I was so excited.

I left the store and told Ruth and my kids I have my design for the jewelry. It’s going to be our logo, and it’s going to be a bracelet! I called Lee to tell him about what happened. He told me, “Well, if you’re looking for a jeweler to make your design I have a friend that designs and makes jewelry.”

First, I can’t believe I’m designing jewelry! I can’t believe I have a complete line of my designs. I can’t believe it’s because I was obedient as crazy as it sounded to get off a highway and go inside a bank and specifically talk to a guy I didn’t know, and even crazier he knew he was there to meet someone he was to help. I can’t believe I was led to a jewelry shop in Savannah to ask a stranger about producing my jewelry in which I didn’t even have a design yet. The only purpose for going in was so I would get a vision of a bracelet as I’m talking to the man. I really can’t believe any of this myself. My children and Ruth lived it so I know I didn’t dream it.

Tonight, I humbly and proudly announce my jewelry line THE THREAD OF HOPE COLLECTION and my first piece in the collection RAHAB’S THREAD OF HOPE. This bracelet is a reminder that we, too, have hope because God loves those who are hopeless. His love is so great, reaching down to those who are hurting and miraculously delivering, restoring, and giving those who have been hurt and abused a second chance at life.

PROVERBS 13.2.jpg

Please help me help women and children who have been rescued from sex trafficking to have an opportunity at life with new hope. I created this jewelry line for the sole purpose of raising funds to support these women and children who have been rescued from a horrific life. One hundred percent of the profits go to them. This high-end end piece of jewelry, priced according to other jewelry of its kind is stainless steel with PVD gold coating.

Psalm 37.23

In the next months, I will add another piece of jewelry to THE THREAD OF HOPE COLLECTION.  I can’t even express how excited I am to unveil this new adventure God has called me too.

Please know God’s plans for your life are exciting and beyond your wildest dreams. A life of total surrender and obedience is irresistible in the Potter’s hands. I love sharing my life on Facebook to encourage you.  Nothing is impossible when we decide to use our life to help others and live for Him. I hope you will purchase this beautiful bracelet. If you want it in 14k we can get it done too. Thanks for helping those who can’t help themselves. The bracelet comes in a beautiful jewelry box with free shipping within the USA and Canada.

Finally to my wonderful friend and his wife for supporting me from the moment I met him at the bank. The paths of the righteous are led of God. If Lee didn’t believe and obey what God showed him, we wouldn’t be rejoicing at what God did. What an amazing reminder of God’s hand as he leads and directs our footsteps in all our lives. I’m so excited I can’t believe what God’s doing in my life.

Please pray for me and Thread of Hope, Inc.

Teresa Allissa Citro

Founder & President, Thread of Hope, Inc.

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