Wisdom: Our Solid Foundation


“Everyone then who hears these words of Mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock.”

-Matthew 7:24 

We all know what happens when a sand castle is built it eventually gets washed away by the ocean or perhaps someone comes along and steps all over it, destroying the masterpiece created. Sand, by itself, is not a solid component to build anything on. If we were to build a house on the sand, rain would easily wash away the sand which in turn will make the ground shift thus making the house fall down, deeming it uninhabitable.

Obviously, we are to build our structures on something solid, like concrete. Sometimes, if we know we are in a flood zone, the house needs to be built on a solid, raised platform with concrete, a strong, durable wood or steel beams to hold it up. In order for the house to withstand winds and the storms that may come, the beams have to be deeply buried in solid ground. The house may rock and sway with the wind, but it won’t come crashing down because of its solid planting.
This foundation we are to stand upon, as Believers, is Jesus Christ, He is solid and cannot be crushed or knocked down at all! We build our wisdom from Him by studying Scripture, seeking it from God in prayer, learning from life’s experiences and applying it daily. When we listen to God’s Word and do what He says, we are like that wise person who builds his home on a solid foundation. We won’t be easily swayed and knocked down. We can stand firm knowing that God is truly sovereign over all and that His Word is Truth! We can go boldly into the world each day, proclaiming His goodness and mercy to everyone who will listen.
Child of God, in order to build and maintain our strong and solid foundation in life, it is imperative to not only just hear God’s Word, but to live it out loud. In order to know God’s Word, you got to read it and apply it. The more we seek Him, the more we listen and obey, the wiser we get. Wisdom is a priceless gem to have. It saves us from embarrassing moments, and it keeps us from looking the fool.

Ruth Strait

Vice President, Thread of Hope, Inc.

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