AUGUST – Daily Bible Portions



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August 1

1 Chronicles 21-22, Acts 17:22-34, Psalm 86:1-7

Proverbs 18:5-7


August 2

1 Chronicles 23-24, Acts 18:1-19:10, Psalm 86:8-17

Proverbs 18:8-10


August 3

1 Chronicles 25-26, Acts 19:11-41, Psalm 87:1-2

Proverbs 18:11-12


August 4

1 Chronicles 27-28, Acts 20:1-12, Psalm 87:3-7

Proverbs 18:13-14


August 5

1 Chronicles 29, Acts 20:13-28, Psalm 88:1-6

Proverbs 18:15-16


August 6

2 Chronicles 1-4, Acts 21:1-14, Psalm 88:7-18

Proverbs 18:17-19


August 7

2 Chronicles 5-6, Acts 21:15-40, Psalm 89:1-4

Proverbs 18:20-22


August 8

2 Chronicles 7:1-9:12, Acts 22, Psalm 89:5-9

Proverbs 18:23-24


August 9

2 Chronicles 9:13–11:23, Acts 23:1–22, Psalm 89:10–15

Proverbs 19:1–2


August 10

2 Chronicles 12–14, Acts 23:23–35, Psalm 89:16–24

Proverbs 19:3–5


August 11

2 Chronicles 15–17, Acts 24, Psalm 89:25–30

Proverbs 19:6–7


August 12

2 Chronicles 18–19, Acts 25:1–22, Psalm 89:31–37

Proverbs 19:8–10


August 13

2 Chronicles 20–21, Acts 25:23–27, Psalm 89:38–46

Proverbs 19:11–13


August 14

2 Chronicles 22–24, Acts 26, Psalm 89:47–52

Proverbs 19:14–15


August 15

2 Chronicles 25–26, Acts 27:1–13, Psalm 90:1–7

Proverbs 19:16–18


August 16

2 Chronicles 27:1–29:19, Acts 27:14–44, Psalm 90:8–17

Proverbs 19:19–21


August 17

2 Chronicles 29:20–30:27, Acts 28, Psalm 91:1–4

Proverbs 19:22–23


August 18

2 Chronicles 31–32, Romans 1:1–17, Psalm 91:5–9

Proverbs 19:24–26


August 19

2 Chronicles 33–34, Romans 1:18–32, Psalm 91:10–16

Proverbs 19:27–29


August 20

2 Chronicles 35–36, Romans 2:1–16, Psalm 92:1–5

Proverbs 20:1–2


August 21

Ezra 1:1–2:39, Romans 2:17–29, Psalm 92:6–15

Proverbs 20:3–4


August 22

Ezra 2:40–4:24, Romans 3, Psalm 93

Proverbs 20:5–7


August 23

Ezra 5:1–7:10, Romans 4, Psalm 94:1–6

Proverbs 20:8-9


August 24

Ezra 7:11–8:36, Romans 5, Psalm 94:7–13

Proverbs 20:10–12


August 25

Ezra 9–10, Romans 6, Psalm 94:14–23

Proverbs 20:13–15


August 26

Nehemiah 1–3, Romans 7, Psalm 95:1–4

Proverbs 20:16–17


August 27

Nehemiah 4–5, Romans 8:1–25, Psalm 95:5–11

Proverbs 20:18–19


August 28

Nehemiah 6, Romans 8:26–39, Psalm 96:1–7

Prov 20:20–21


August 29

Nehemiah 7, Romans 9, Psalm 96:8–13

Proverbs 20:22–24


August 30

Nehemiah 8–9, Romans 10, Psalm 97

Proverbs 20:25–27


August 31

Nehemiah 10, Romans 11:1–16, Psalm 98

Proverbs 20:28–30


A Blank Only God Can Fill


Excerpt from

“The Word For You Today”

Maranatha Bible Church

“The heart is a God-shaped blank, and only God can fill it.” In “Through the Valley of the Kwai: From Death-Camp Despair to Spiritual Triumph,” Ernest Gordon writes about American soldiers who were captured, tortured, and starved by the Japanese in the Malay Peninsula in World War II. As a result they started acting like animals, clawing, fighting, and stealing food. In an effort to turn things around, the group decided to start reading the New Testament. And as Gordon read it to them, they were converted to Christ, and this community of animals was transformed into a community of love. That’s because God lives in Jesus, and Jesus is willing to live in the hearts of those who trust Him. He offers joy, peace, a transformed life, and assurance of eternal life to all those who place their trust in His atoning death. So what are you using to try to fill the void in your life? Material possessions? Mood-altering substances? Sex? Career success? The pursuit of intellectual growth? Excitement? You may as well give it up now–it won’t work! Paul explained it like this to the philosophers in Athens: “God…made the world and everything in it…He…gives life…to everything…He satisfies every need…His purpose was (that we should) seek after God…feel (our) way toward Him and find Him–though He is not far from…us. For in Him we live and move and exist” (Acts 17:24-28). In the words of the time-honored hymn: “Now none but Christ can satisfy; none other Name for me. There’s love, and life, and lasting joy, Lord Jesus, found in Thee.”


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Linda A. Knowles


Hope is the word for today!


“Know that wisdom is such to your soul; if you find it, there will be a future, and your hope will not be cut off.” -Proverbs 24:14
The first time the word hope is found is in the book of Naomi. A woman filled with hopelessness. Her husband and both sons died, and she was left in a strange and godless land broke.

However, Naomi as bitter, sad, and devastated as she was possessed great wisdom. We see her operating in wisdom throughout the book, leading her daughter in law Ruth to finding God for herself and securing a Godly marriage with the greatest man of that time.


We often quote, “There is a hope and a future for you,” and that is true; but there is something we must do too. That hope and future just doesn’t appear from nowhere. You must know what that great future is for you. It’s found in God and God alone. In seeking God, we find wisdom. He leads us to His great purposes. Wisdom comes from God.
Hopelessness comes the enemy to steal, kill, and destroy our faith and dreams. It paralyzes us, stopping us dead in our track. We must understand truth to fight off that feeling. It’s a feeling that is caused by terrible circumstances, and the lie of the enemy.

Let me remind you it’s a feeling. Yes, it might be true your stuck in a bad, and horrific place. But you are not hopeless. God will show you a way out. His wisdom isn’t like yours or mine. He sees a path out. He does have compassion for you.

We have hope when God reveals his plans, his dreams for our lives. When his wisdom is given to us, it creates dreams in us. We begin to pursue those dreams. We don’t just grab any plan that comes our way, but we go after his plan, His perfect plan that will give us a hope and a future, unafraid, waking by faith and wisdom.


Wisdom isn’t going our own way, and doing our own thing. Its following the path outlined by God for our lives. Ruth said, “Wherever you go I will go!” Can you say, ” God wherever you lead me I will go?” Ruth left everything – parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. She even left her gods. She was operating in hope, trust, faith, and wisdom. She knew her mother-in-law. She saw her mother-in-law was a wise woman.


Once hope is realized, that hope comes by wisdom in knowing who God is, and what He can do when our hope and trust is in him brings us into a venturous life. Let’s pursue wisdom with all we got. Let us be men and women of great wisdom and understanding. Let us pursue our dreams with hope in God. When we fully understand we serve a sovereign God who had great purposes and plans for our lives we are being wise.

Do you have confidence in God? Fearing God is the beginning of all wisdom. Let’s put our hope, trust, and faith in a unfailing, trustworthy, all knowing, wisdom filled God.
Then, that hope helps us dream. Hope helps us find and think about our future in God, Hope helps us pursue our ventures with honor and dignity.


We have hope purely based on the confidence that a sovereign God is for us, and not against us, equipping us to fulfill our destiny He created us for, equipping us for all good work. God gives us a thrilling impulse, one that we can’t help but fulfill. Its called a specific strategic plan to fulfill his plans for you.


I love how the book of Naomi ends.  Once again, Naomi praises her God. He had been good in the middle of her disaster. She still remained, assured, full of confidence in the power and goodness of God, exhibited in her life and that of her daughter in law. The mercy and goodness of God always remain with us regardless our situations and circumstances. God is full of mercy, goodness, and love.


“Then IF you FIND it you will have a future and your hope will not be cut off.” Get this point clearly, wisdom is what we must find. Wisdom leads us to all truth. Who’s truth? His truth. Knowing truth brings us hope. Hope leads us to a great future. Don’t let your hope be cut off.


Let’s read this powerful verse once again:  “Know that wisdom is such to your soul; if you find it, there will be a future, and your hope will not be cut off.”

Teresa Allissa Citro,
Founder & President, Thread of Hope, Inc.



“THE LORD IS FAITHFUL” – Youth Vlog #8

“Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds,

I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant

between God and all living creatures

of every kind on the earth.”

Genesis 9:16 (NIV)


Devotional By:  Justin Noah Citro

After The Fall Of Pride Comes Wisdom

“Where there is strife, there is pride, but wisdom is found in those who take advice.” -Proverbs 13:10

Fools do not listen to counsel. They like to think their way is better, won’t listen to reason and will ultimately fail. Chaos ensues when the prideful behavior comes. Pride clutters our brains and hearts, leaving no room for discipline and correction. It clogs up our effectiveness to learn from others. It causes us to fail and will humble us when we fall from it. Pride closes down the ability to gain wisdom, and that, dear friends, is not a good place to be. So, how does one dismantle pride?

When we fall off of our high horse of pride, humility and humbleness follows up right after. How we choose to react after that fall shows what wisdom we have gained from that experience. Are we bitter or better after that fall? What do our actions show? Do we try to lash out to others or do we laugh at ourselves, dusting off the humility and be truly humble? Are we so humiliated that we hide or face in shame and slither away, never to be caught up in the pride factor again? Can we truly pick ourselves up, shake off the humility, look at what pride did to us and truly gain wisdom from that life lesson? It is a deliberate choice how we react. We’ll lick our wounds, put a bandage on our egos, then rise up with a new and refreshed sense of being and start again with a profound learning of our newfound faith of stepping out in humbleness.

God loves a humble heart. He honors obedience and gives us wisdom when we take His counsel and the counsel of those who are wiser in God’s ways. Read His holy Word, adhere to it and be wise.