Take Heart

“You’ve kept track of all my wandering and my weeping. You’ve stored my many tears in Your bottle–not one will be lost. You care about me every time I’ve cried. For it is all recorded in your book of remembrance.” -Psalm 56:8

I’m sad to read on Facebook so many are having a hard time. I couldn’t help but recall this verse that has become a tried and true gem of all gems to me. I’m sharing with you to please take heart and don’t lose hope.

The hardships of our lives cannot compare to the joy God is going to give you. Imagine God of all creation is so intimate connected to you, cares for, and loves you so much. He’s kept track of every hurt, every pain, and all your weeping. God went as far as bottling each tear you ever cried. Your shed tears were not in vain. God saw them. He counted them; He bottled them. They are that important and that precious to him. They were bottled, not one went unnoticed. There is a book of remembrance too. They have been noted and recorded meaning God knows all about your hurt. They serve a greater purpose, and someday it will be revealed. Most importantly, God does and will remember, and restoration is just around the corner.

Take heart, keep going, and know you’re loved.

Teresa Allissa Citro,
Founder  & President, Thread of Hope, Inc


Be Careful What You Pray For

Be careful what you pray for. If you tell God “Thy will be done,” then be prepared for Him to move and be obedient to what He says to do. It may be a radical thing He needs you to do, but you must stand strong and follow through. If you ask God for change in your circumstances, then be prepared to change how He needs you to. He will do what needs to be done according to His will. However, you must do what needs to be done in order to make the necessary changes.

Telling God that you want change and that you’ll do whatever it takes no matter what requires great faith, trust, and stepping out boldly doing the radical He tells you to do. God honors our obedience.

Radical faith + Radical blessings = Radical blessings

Ruth Strait
Vice President, Thread of Hope, Inc

Never Lose Hope

PSALM-71Do NOT lose hope. God rewards those who put all their hope and trust in Him! God is expecting you to stay the course, and believe Him for the outcome.  He will not fail you.

Teresa Allissa Citro

Founder & President

Thread of Hope, Inc.

May – Daily Bible Portions




(Multiple Bible Translations Available):



May 1

Joshua 7–8, Luke 14:1–24, Psalm 50:1–6

Proverbs 10:21–22

May 2

Joshua 9:1–10:15, Luke 14:25–15:7, Psalm 50:7–13

Proverbs 10:23–25

May 3

Joshua 10:16–11:23, Luke 15:8–32, Psalm 50:14–23

Proverbs 10:26–28

May 4

Joshua 12, Luke 16:1–18, Psalm 51:1–4

Proverbs 10:29–30

May 5

Joshua 13–14, Luke 16:19–17:10,  Psalm 51:5–12

Proverbs 10:31–32

May 6

Joshua 15, Luke 17:11–37, Psalm 51:13–19

Proverbs 11:1–2

May 7

Joshua 16–18, Luke 18:1–17, Psalm 52

Proverbs 11:3–5

May 8

Joshua 19–20, Luke 18:18–43, Psalm 53

Proverbs 11:6–8

May 9

Joshua 21, Luke 19:1–27, Psalm 54

Proverbs 11:9–10

May 10

Joshua 22–24, Luke 19:28–48, Psalm 55:1–3

Proverbs 11:11–12

May 11

Judges 1, Luke 20:1–18, Psalm 55:4–10

Proverbs 11:13–15

May 12

Judges 2–3, Luke 20:19–47, Psalm 55:11–16

Proverbs 11:16–17

May 13

Judges 4–5, Luke 21:1–24, Psalm 55:17–23

Proverbs 11:18–20

May 14

Judges 6–7, Luke 21:25–38, Psalm 56:1–7

Proverbs 11:21–23

May 15

Judges 8:1–9:21, Luke 22:1–23, Psalm 56:8–13

Proverbs 11:24–25

May 16

Judges 9:22–10:18, Luke 22:24–46, Psalm 57

Proverbs 11:26–28

May 17

Judges 11–12, Luke 22:47–65, Psalm 58:1–4

Proverbs 11:29–31

May 18

Judges 13–15, Luke 22:66–23:12, Psalm 58:5–11

Proverbs 12:1–2

May 19

Judges 16–17, Luke 23:13–32, Psalm 59:1–7

Proverbs 12:3–4

May 20

Judges 18–19, Luke 23:33–56, Psalm 59:8–17

Proverbs 12:5–7

May 21

Judges 20–21, Luke 24:1–12, Psalm 60:1–5

Proverbs 12:8–9

May 22

Ruth 1–2, Luke 24:13–35, Psalm 60:6–12

Proverbs 12:10–12

May 23

Ruth 3–4, Luke 24:36–53, Psalm 61

Proverbs 12:13–15

May 24

1 Samuel 1–2, John 1:1–18, Psalm 62:1–4

Proverbs 12:16–17

May 25

1 Samuel 3–5, John 1:19–51, Psalm 62:5–12

Proverbs 12:18–20

May 26

1 Samuel 6–8, John 2, Psalm 63:1–4

Proverbs 12:21–23

May 27

1 Samuel 9–10, John 3:1–21, Psalm 63:5–11

Proverbs 12:24–25

May 28

1 Samuel 11–13, John 3:22–4:6, Psalm 64:1–3

Proverbs 12:26–28

May 29

1 Samuel 14, John 4:7–38, Psalm 64:4–10

Proverbs 13:1–2

May 30

1 Samuel 15–16, John 4:39–54, Psalm 65:1–5

Proverbs 13:3–4

May 31

1 Samuel 17, John 5:1–24, Psalm 65:6–13

Proverbs 13:5–7


Feel Like You’re Drowning?


Whatever chaos is seemingly engulfing you, dragging you down, know this truth:  God is always, always with you and will never leave you, ever!


Ruth Strait

Vice President, Thread of Hope, Inc.

For Your Good

This morning, I woke up with this thought, “All things work out for good!”

Immediately, I remembered, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to his purpose.”


I asked God, “What do you want me to know about this? Why this thought, this word?

His reply, “There is nothing I’m not in control of when it comes to you. In the midst of what might seem disastrous to you, uncomfortable to you, I’m orchestrating behind the scenes, putting everything together to bring forth My perfect plan in your life. In ALL things I consider you in it. It’s no mistake, no coincidence, and no way harmful to you. I am the God that sees today, and tomorrow. I see something you cannot see. I see, and I know the future, Your future. Therefore, trust Me from deep within your heart. I know very well what I’m accomplishing.  Look at that verse again? This is a promise to those who love me. Do you love me?”

I immediately answered, “Yes, God, you know I do.” God answered back so quickly, “Then trust Me. Believe Me. Walk as if you have no care in this world. I have called you to walk in My purposes, not yours! I love You with an everlasting love, and I WILL bring about My purposes for your life. I’m with you, and I will never leave you.”


I feel so compelled to share this today. I don’t share personal devotional times so personal to me like this. I couldn’t stop my fingers from typing this.

I know so many of you send me private messages after I write something. I certainly believe God gave me this word personally. However, He had me share it. I have dozens and dozens of words given to me that I keep in My journal and never shared nor will I share. Today was different; I had to write it. This tells me someone needs to be reminded as I did, God is in control. Full control. Especially in the lives of those who love Him and walk in His purposes.

No doubt God loves people, He loves everyone. However, this says, “Those that love him, those who walk in his purposes.” If you really love Him and truly walk in his purposes, not yours. Fear not! No matter what you are faced with today – Good or Bad – God is working it all out for YOUR good. There is something required of you to receive this for yourself; You must love God, and You must walk in His ways.

This is the confidence we have in Him – all things work out for the good for those who love Him.

Do you love Him enough to follow Him in all your ways? Please answer yes, your life will be a walking purpose-filled life.

Teresa Allissa Citro,
Founder and President, Thread of Hope, Inc.

Are you trying to break a bad habit?

Therefore, dear brothers and sisters, you have no obligation to do what your sinful nature urges you to do.  For if you live by its dictates, you will die. But if through the power of the Spirit you put to death the deeds of your sinful nature, you will live.  For all who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God. -Romans 8:12-14

“Breaking bad habits: It all boils down to wanting to please God more than pleasing yourself.” -Ruth Strait, Vice President At Thread of Hope, Inc.



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