Mountain Top Experience

Today, I was thinking about my climb

to the top of the mountain

to see the beautiful city of Verona, Italy.

I sure didn’t know I would have to climb

almost 400 steps to get to the top!


As I was going up the steps, I was thinking how cool it would be to see this city. Then I noticed there was no one going up with me. I was alone. Those steps were old and uneven, and I was so prepared climbing them with my beautiful flip flops. I began to get a little intimidated as I was going up a mountain with no one there, and what if something happened, who would help me?

For a moment, I thought I would turn around and go back. I felt alone and a little scared.

Then I heard this man’s voice. He was coming down the mountain.

He said, “Hi. So many steps, huh?” He startled me.

I politely replied with, “Sure is. I didn’t know there were so many steps?”

He laughed as he commented on my flip flops, and how could it be that I wasn’t out of breath?

I told him, “This is nothing for me. I run, and as for my flip flops, I was climbing in style.”

He laughed again, gave me a wonderful compliment, and then I asked him, “Am I almost there?”

He replied, “No, I am afraid NOT, put keep going it is worth it,” and then he continued, “Nice meeting you,” and I pressed on in my journey up that mountain all alone. Then, I really got tired. It was a very hot day. I hadn’t eaten, and I felt like giving up. However because that man said to keep going, that it was worth it, I continued my journey.

Finally, I made it! I stepped up to the last step, turned the corner, and there was the entire city of Verona before my eyes. Breathtaking! Just beautiful! By now, I felt my breathing and my painful legs, but as far as my eyes could see, I saw this amazing, gorgeous city as the river ran through it. I had the entire city before my eyes.
Wow! It sure was worth climbing all those 400 steps.  It was definitely a “Wow” moment.

I was glad I didn’t give up,

and I actually didn’t want to come down.


Well, isn’t this how life is? Sometimes we have to climb a very difficult road, and often times we have to do it alone. Though my friend Ruth was with me, she couldn’t go up the mountain with me. This was something I would either do alone or be intimidated, discouraged, scared, and give up seeing it.

I had no idea who the man was. He didn’t tell me his name. He was a total stranger, but he was there at a pivotal moment. At the very moment when I was thinking of giving up and turning around, he came out of nowhere and encouraged me to continue my climb.

He told the truth, “You are not even close to the top, but keep going it will be worth it all!” He even acknowledged my flip flops. Flip flops certainly weren’t what I should be wearing. Making a fashion statement for the climb wasn’t a smart thing to do, but, he also commented on me not being out of breath which encouraged me to keep going.

This is how life is. Sometimes, God allows us to walk in turmoil, scary moments, and we get tired and weary. We want to stop the planet and get off. We want to turn around and not keep going. We get scared in our journey, and we feel alone.

I want you to know we’re not alone in our difficult times. God is walking with us, helping us. When we get tired and weary, He sends “Angels” our way to remind us we can make it. We must continue in the journey no matter how difficult, scary, and crazy our journey is. If we don’t give up, we’ll get to the top, and when we get there, it will be a “Wow” moment.

My Friends, don’t become weary. Fight the urge of giving up, continuing on the path God has placed you because He is faithful. He who began a good work in you will bring it completion.

Fight the good fight of faith, trusting the One Who Holds Your Future in his hands, knowing what He has prepared for you is just beautiful! Remember only two made it to the promised land out of ten!

Fear will cripple you, but faith will keep you going, trusting in the God of this universe with your life. No good thing will He withhold from those who put their hope and trust in Him.

The climb changed my thinking completely. I already knew this, but I needed that reinforcement. I pray this encourages you to keep going no matter what you see or hear. It will be worth it all when God brings YOU to YOUR mountain top experience. Breathtaking is what you’ll experience. Beauty beyond your imagination! That’s what God will do for those who trust Him!

What a beautiful city and what a great reminder God gave me of Who He is in my life!

Teresa Allissa Citro,
Founder and President, Thread of Hope, Inc.


Keep Going

tobymac-1Keep going, pray, pray some more and never give up. The situation you may find yourself in may not be ideal or where you’d like to be, but it won’t last forever. God has you, child of God, and He’ll never let you go.

Ruth Strait

Vice President, Thread of Hope, Inc.