Take Heart

“You’ve kept track of all my wandering and my weeping. You’ve stored my many tears in Your bottle–not one will be lost. You care about me every time I’ve cried. For it is all recorded in your book of remembrance.” -Psalm 56:8

I’m sad to read on Facebook so many are having a hard time. I couldn’t help but recall this verse that has become a tried and true gem of all gems to me. I’m sharing with you to please take heart and don’t lose hope.

The hardships of our lives cannot compare to the joy God is going to give you. Imagine God of all creation is so intimate connected to you, cares for, and loves you so much. He’s kept track of every hurt, every pain, and all your weeping. God went as far as bottling each tear you ever cried. Your shed tears were not in vain. God saw them. He counted them; He bottled them. They are that important and that precious to him. They were bottled, not one went unnoticed. There is a book of remembrance too. They have been noted and recorded meaning God knows all about your hurt. They serve a greater purpose, and someday it will be revealed. Most importantly, God does and will remember, and restoration is just around the corner.

Take heart, keep going, and know you’re loved.

Teresa Allissa Citro,
Founder  & President, Thread of Hope, Inc


My Times Are In Your Hand


“My times are in your hand; rescue me from the hand of my enemies and from my persecutors!”

Psalms 31:15

I have been thinking this week about time. I finally concluded, and this saying in Psalms drives it home.

First, “My times are in your hand.” God holds every second of the day in His perfect hand. No second is wasted when we walk with Him.

Secondly, I view the word enemies to mean more than just people. Enemies are things, ideas, thoughts, anything which steals our time. I understand that in this verse it’s talking about people. But God is using this verse to show me things that keep us from doing what He has called us to accomplish can be stolen by “other” enemies.

I barely watch TV because I feel I can spend my time better. I like to write. I like to read.  I love talking to my friends. Those that talk to me know I’m always working out as I’m speaking to them. My huffing and puffing, in between my comments, have become my trademark. Some of you know it’s 9 a.m., and I need company while I exercise.

This today is not really about what I like to do rather it’s to get us to reflect on our time.

God gives us 24 hours a day.

How are you spending that time?

Are you growing closer towards God, reflecting on the one who really holds your next second?

Are you walking in his path, leading you to fulfill his great plans in your life?

And finally, if you have children are you investing in their lives leading them to be all God has called them to be?

The abilities and the talents are bestowed on every single person what are you doing with it for you, and teaching it to your children?

If you have a significant other in your life do they know you are invested in them?

Is there time to encourage each other, and to help each other? Most importantly is there time to be with each other?

Time, time, time! I hear all the excuses in the world about, “If only” I had more time. You know what? Had God given us more time we would only waste more of it. Using your time wisely is important.

Priorities are what time all about. Choices, decisions, thoughts, and ideas, that are wrong. Hence, wrong choices of spent time.

Think with me about the “enemies” of your time. Work is important but not more important than those you love. I can build the most powerful empire, and if I lose my children in the process, my time was my enemy; it was wasted time. The legacy I leave behind is to my children, and it’s for them to pass to the next generation. I have concluded by watching many other and myself, we don’t understand the importance of our times. However, God does, and “Our times are in His hands!” If you ask him how to make the most of it, He reveals it and even leads our paths.

May I suggest to you this day that you invest your time wisely? Time spent directed and lead of God is truly the best time of your life. Make it count, My Friends. Let it be your friend and not your enemy.”

I want every single second of my day to be counted for and to accomplish all He has in that second. It’s starts with my time with Him first, family second, work third, and recreation last. This is how to make our times be counted and blessed by a God who first gave it to us.

Make today the day you fully make the times of your life be blessed times.

Teresa Allissa Citro
Founder & President, Thread of Hope, Inc.

Patience Is Learned


I always heard, “Do not pray for patience!” I once asked someone why? The answer was obviously because you’re not going to like going through the process.

Two years ago, I decided that I should write a book on the subject. I thought not praying about patience and writing about would be so much better. I’ll “get” patience by studying and writing about it. I thought that was a good idea. Not so, I ended up with the same fate.

Well, the truth is I found out a few important facts. The major point is patience is mastered by faith. Yes, you read that correct. Faith waits and waits, and believes, “He who promised is faithful,” no matter what you think, feel, and see.

Next, you learn to endure. The process of building up endurance is excruciating, but it can be done. You endure under all the uncertainties, hurts, and pain. You believe until that which is not seen becomes reality.

“Blessed is the one who endures during trials.”

Storms of life have a way of building patience, endurance, faith, and great strength. At the end, great faith goes hand in hand with great patience. Patience cannot be mastered without the trials, and great strength doesn’t just happen. Patience, faith, endurance, and strength is obtained by great testing and great trials. But in the end, you will receive the blessings of God.

Don’t give up.

Teresa Allissa Citro,
Founder & President, Thread of Hope, Inc.

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